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Pecha Kucha – Parallel Cities 28th November

I am doing my first Pecha Kucha event at the Lighthouse in Glasgow on Wednesday 27th November. The theme is exploring phantom cities, the towns we almost had, parallel urban futures and other ways of seeing and interpreting the city.

My Pecha Kucha is titled ‘Three Days Supply’ and I will explore disconnection, reconnection, food and the city; A view of Glasgow and other cities through the lens of food. I aim to cook up a diverse menu of images to stir the senses and tickle the imagination.

It is a Lighthouse event hosted in collaboration with the New Glasgow Society.

Tickets: £8.00/4.00 (concession)

To book a place contact reception:
Telephone: 0141 276 5365


Taking a pot to Manchester and back




Friday 24th February I left Glasgow with an empty soup pot and headed off to Manchester. I gathered the ingredients of my soup as a travelled, hoping to provide physical as well as intellectual nourishment. Disappointingly I found little other than branded ingredients from chain stores on my journey apart my last stop which was a small open air stall with an amazing variety of veg from round the world.

I had a really good discussion with people who attended the talk at the Chinese Arts Centre about food and art. It was a mixed group of people interested in food, sustainability, art and community development and everyone was open and generous in their contributions to the discussion.

People contributed their personal experiences and thoughts on how they relate to food;. We talked about the value placed on it from scarcity, how it is crafted and served, who it was bought from, how it was produced, the health giving properties and who it was eaten with. Specifically in relation to Chinese culture we talked about the health giving properties of soup and the customs around it’s consumption.

We went on to discuss what an artist’s role can be in drawing attention to or exploring that relationship through engagement with communities. It developed into talking a lot about not how the artist related to the community but to the spaces and cross overs between artists and other professionals.

I filled my pot with the parsnip, carrot, thyme that people had brought to talk about and the ideas, challenges and thoughts from the discussion and headed back to Glasgow.


Talk on my work at the Chinese Arts Centre

I am giving a talk at the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester next Friday evening 24th Feb.

The theme is ‘Life Friendly’, an ongoing research project into positive approaches to art and sustainability.

I have been thinking about sustainability in my practice and though the most obvious issue is food security and the choices we make about what we eat I also want to talk about sustainable practices as an artist interested in community. I am interested in the roles and responsibilities of an artist, particularly as my practice is very process based; collecting information, sharing ideas and building connections and

I hope for it to be a learning experience for me as well as the group and am looking forward to the discussion.

For more information about the event visit