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Food Map of Glasgow

Eating In Eating Out exhibition, September 2012

The Eating In Eating Out exhibition opened at the Govanhill Baths on Thursday 6th of September.

It will be on right through September and you can visit the exhibition 11m – 3pm Monday to Friday.

The exhibition features a new version of the Govanhill food map and we are looking for visitors to add their own local food experiences and memories. You can see the film Eating In produced by Clem Sandison and Kim Beverage, showcasing a mouthwatering range of recipes demonstrated by Govanhill residents. You can also pick up recipes from all the soups and meals that have been cooked as part of the project.

The soup trolley made a reappearance at the opening to serve freshly made pea and lentil soups, courtesy of Marion from Govanhill Grub.


Eating In Eating Out

Eating In Eating Out is a project funded by Streetland, an arts festival in Govanhill which takes place on the 4th & 5th of May 2012.

It is organised by myself as part of the Glasgow Food Map project and Clem Sandison as part of the Hidden Gardens’ Culture Kitchen project.

We would like people in Govanhill to get involved in documenting, researching, exploring and sharing what they eat, how they eat it and where it’s from.

Eating in – Would you like to demonstrate one of your favourite recipes? We will be making short films of people cooking in their home to share with others on the Streetland website and at the festival. Get in touch with Clem Sandison (0141 433 2722, if you are interested or want to find out more.

Mapping it – How much do you know about food in your local area? Have you tried all the cafes, restaurants and take-aways? Who runs them? Where does the food in your local shop come from? We will be running a mapping day on Saturday 24th of March 11am – 4pm. Meet up at 11am at the Queens Cafe. We will be stopping for lunch at 1pm in the Govanhill Baths (soup provided) gathering back together at the Baths at 3pm to share what we have found out.

Eating out – As part of the mapping we will ask local cafes or restaurants to give us recipes for their favourite soups. Volunteers from Govanhill Grub and the Hidden Gardens Cultural Cookery group will select some of the recipes to form part of the mobile soup trolley which will be touring the streets of Govanhill during Streetland. Get in touch if you want more info about joining the cookery volunteers to cook and serve the soup.

Contact us for more information about any of the above at

Download the Leaflet Eating In Eating Out

Streetland aims to engage and inspire communities in a creative exploration of their streets and communal spaces. For more information about Streetland visit or email

The project is supported by the Govanhill Baths Community Trust, which runs Govanhill Grub and is providing the facilities for cooking the soup

Food Map of Glasgow, 2011/12






I want to use the idea of a food map of Glasgow to bring together, inspire or initiate projects focusing on the city’s relationship to food; exploring and celebrating the diversity of people and places involved in the production, distribution and consumption of food.

Though the project I hope to build a community of people interested in sharing their passions, skills and experiences and ideas about food, utilising different forums, activities and events to do this.

A key part of the initial stages of the project will be to document and map the city’s relationship to food; its production, distribution and consumption. I want to investigate and utilise different models and methods of mapping, drawing together people from different disciplines to find creative ways of presenting and sharing information collected. Outputs of this could be a publication, a website, an exhibition, a recipe book, an online or printed map. A range of different methods would be utilised to reach a variety of different audiences and would be guided by the people involved.

I want to investigate cafes, restaurants, burger vans, soup kitchens, markets, allotments and community growing projects etc.. and include a diverse range of people with an interest in cooking and growing; chiefs, caterers, food critics, urban farmers and health workers amongst others.

In the longer term I hope to initiate discussion, share tastes and ideas, spark new connections, build relationships, inspire action.