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Glasgow Exchange Market

Glasgow Exchange Market

Myself and Annechien, as A Growing Exchange have been commissioned to help design and develop a Glasgow Exchange Market in the Merchant City in July. It is part of the Culture Kitchen project, directed by Clem Sandison. The commission was inspired by Clem Sandison and Katherine Van Den Berg’s visit to the Hague in October and seeing the Green Exchange Market in action, organised by Annechien Meier, as part of Stroom’s Dag Hap festival.






Exchanging produce at the Green Exchange Market, The Hague, October 2011

Information about the Glasgow Exchange Market

In the heart of the city on Saturday 28th July a space will appear for the city’s growers to exchange their produce.

We all generally have an excess of something or produce enough to spare a little. It isn’t about giving it away for free though, it’s about bringing something you value and exchanging it with something of equal value. We will create an alternative trading system to swap, barter and exchange.

Like a market it will also serve as a place for exchange of ideas, skills and a catch up on the latest news. The site hasn’t been confirmed yet but it will be in the Merchant City, the original site of trade in Glasgow.

What do you have or could you produce for exchange?

Fruit and vegetables
Collected seeds
Jams, pickles, chutneys
Bunches of fresh herbs
Packets of dried herbs for cooking, smelling or making tea
Bunches of flowers
Seedlings, cuttings, bulbs
Refurbished or used tools
Decorated pots
Homemade plant food
Worms for a wormery
Cordial or fresh berry juice

Alternatively is there a service you could offer? advice on composting, seed identification, tool mending etc

We will encourage people to work in groups to share ideas and gather produce. This could be your block of flats, your school, a community growing project or allotment.

If you are interested in taking part complete the attached form or email the information to


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