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Broth Mix

Broth MixOpen in Lightbox
Cooking the daily soup (Tom and Louise) © Alex Wilde and Leigh French
Broth MixOpen in Lightbox
Donated produce and freshly made bread. © Alex Wilde and Leigh French
Broth MixOpen in Lightbox
The kitchen with the cooking crew for that day (Louise, Leigh, Lorna and Tom) © Alex Wilde and Leigh French
Broth MixOpen in Lightbox
Broth Mix in full swing © Alex Wilde and Leigh French

Intermedia Gallery, CCA Glasgow, 2007

A collaborative project with Leigh French, editor of Variant, Broth Mix came about through interweaving conversations and shared passions.

The transformation of the gallery into a free cafe and space for exchange, took place over six days from 16th to 21st October.

It was timetabled to coincide with a range of self-initiated projects that were taking place in the CCA at the same time: Document 5, Human Rights Film Festival, Diversity Films, Electron Club, Radical Independent Book Fair. These projects all crossed over and supported each other.

We intended for Broth Mix to become a busy meeting space, a framework for discussion, a catalyst for dialogue, blurring the distinctions between growers, artists, film makers and audience. We focused on soup & bread, a universal dish, simple and sustaining; sharing in eating, a universal activity. The working kitchen was designed to be fully open to the dining facilities; cooking as a kind of performance.

In 6 days, 27 people cooked 34 soups and baked 40 loaves of fresh bread for over 500 people. A recipe book was produced at the end of the week.

We were open from noon to 9pm each day and served soups and stews for free at lunchtime and in the evening. We also had Fairtrade organic tea, Feral Trade Coffee and Cube Cola, and locally-sourced fresh drinking water available at all times we were open.

All the fresh produce was donated to us from people’s allotments, gardens, window boxes and community food initiatives in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

Wider than cooking and eating, we created a place to meet, discuss, read, share information and relax. We had a resource area, an information area, a laptop with internet access running open source software, and a seed exchange.

It demonstrated what can happen when people work together and share resources. Broth Mix was only possible by the involvement of a wide range of individuals and organisations. This included loans of equipment from Unity Enterprise, North Glasgow Community Food Initiative, Southside Studios, Autonomi, Euan, Michele and Stephen. Loan of tables from Ruchill Furniture Project. Dried food from Greencity Wholefoods. Tea, milk and sugar from the Co-op. Lap top from the Electron Club. Discounted bowls and cups from Vegware. Bocashi composting system from the Coach House Trust. Funding from Culture and Sport Glasgow. Support from Francis McKee and all the staff at the CCA.

Further images of Broth Mix can be viewed here