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Review of new publication ‘Food and the City’

I reviewed a recent publication (Feb 2012) ‘Food and the City‘ for Good Food Revolution, Canada’s good food and wine news site, based in Toronto. It’s a good update to other recent books on the subject, with some interesting case studies from Canada, the USA and Europe.

Check out the author’s blog page for a Canadian perspective on urban agriculture. Also interesting is the blog of City Farmer, a Vancouver based urban agriculture organisation mentioned in the book.

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  1. Hello Alex,

    I just wanted to say thanks for the thoughtful post about my book on your blog — I found it over at Good Food Revolution’s site too. So double-thanks. And I love hearing how it resonates from people in different cities. I really appreciate your perspective on the urban ag movement from Glasgow. I actually think that the UK is way ahead in terms of urban ag. (Every city / every country seems to think that the others are “way ahead.” It’s a curious trend in the commentary of the book.)

    Please keep in touch with your food-related projects.

    Cheers from Canada,


    • Alex

      Sometimes the view from the inside and the outside are quite different. What is presented as policy doesn’t translate to action on the ground. Great to be sharing ideas and experiences across the pond though.

      In terms of trends trough the book I also noticed that pretty much all the case studies had men as spokespeople. Was this a co-incidence?

      I hope the book does well, I’ll keep recommending it to people.

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