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A Growing Exchange

A Growing Exchange film online

After a series of screenings of the film in Glasgow and The Hague we have put the film online so that a wider audience can see it and hopefully continue to spark conversations about urban agriculture and the role of the artist.

View the film here

Clem interview July13





A Growing Exchange film screening Nov 2013

Clem interview July13 Drumchapel Feb11

I have been working with Annechien Meier (Netherlands) on a collaborative project A Growing Exchange since 2011.

We have been questioning and investigating an artist’s role in projects related to food, community growing and urban agriculture in The Hague and Glasgow. Over almost three years we have interviewed many groups and individuals to find out more about what is happening in the field of urban agriculture and how an artist does or could function in urban agriculture projects. How much responsibility should artists have? Are they the right people to be asked to solve social and economic issues?

The documentary that we’ve created is based on our interviews and explores the influence of political, social and spatial developments that relate to urban agriculture and the issues arising from urban agriculture projects and the impacts on both cities and their residents. Within this context we also explore the role of the artist and their impact and responsibilities. The documentary has been produced in collaboration with Gert-Jan Gerlach, a film-maker based in The Hague and has been supported by CCA, Glasgow, Stroom Den Haag; Centre for Art, Design and Architecture and Fonds 1818.

The screening will take place on Sunday 24th of November at 3pm and be followed by a discussion about issues raised in the film involving myself, Annechien and Francis McKee (Director of the CCA, Glasgow).

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to A Growing Exchange, taking the time to show us their projects and share their ideas on urban agriculture. A list on contributors is on the website

A Growing Exchange published article April 2013

In the progression of the collaborative project, A Growing Exchange with Annechien Meier we’ve met lots of great people who are as enthusiastic and interested in urban agriculture as we are and it’s great to share ideas and research. People are interested in our experience and perspective as artists and we were delighted to be asked to write an article for the publication Farming the City, Food as a Tool for Urbanisation produced by Cities Foundation.

The book brings together theory and practice from a wide range of people working in the field of urban agriculture and should get people thinking about the challenges and creates solutions that have arisen all over the world. We wrote about the role of the artist and the challenges of working with communities of people to effect change. The book was published in April 2013 and is available for purchase on the Trancity website.