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A Growing Exchange film online

After a series of screenings of the film in Glasgow and The Hague we have put the film online so that a wider audience can see it and hopefully continue to spark conversations about urban agriculture and the role of the artist.

View the film here

Clem interview July13





Food Map of Glasgow, 2011/12






I want to use the idea of a food map of Glasgow to bring together, inspire or initiate projects focusing on the city’s relationship to food; exploring and celebrating the diversity of people and places involved in the production, distribution and consumption of food.

Though the project I hope to build a community of people interested in sharing their passions, skills and experiences and ideas about food, utilising different forums, activities and events to do this.

A key part of the initial stages of the project will be to document and map the city’s relationship to food; its production, distribution and consumption. I want to investigate and utilise different models and methods of mapping, drawing together people from different disciplines to find creative ways of presenting and sharing information collected. Outputs of this could be a publication, a website, an exhibition, a recipe book, an online or printed map. A range of different methods would be utilised to reach a variety of different audiences and would be guided by the people involved.

I want to investigate cafes, restaurants, burger vans, soup kitchens, markets, allotments and community growing projects etc.. and include a diverse range of people with an interest in cooking and growing; chiefs, caterers, food critics, urban farmers and health workers amongst others.

In the longer term I hope to initiate discussion, share tastes and ideas, spark new connections, build relationships, inspire action.