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Project timeline

  • Agoragri 2016-17

    Agoragri 2016-17

    Commissioned by the Matera 2019 Foundation I was consultant on a project by Agrinetural. Agoragri is a public space in Matera, Southern Italy that lies somewhere between a community garden and a public park. Conceived by a Agrinetural the project won support from the Matera 2019 Foundation to be realised as part of Gardentopia, a proposed network of citizens activating their greenspaces. Matera will be the European Capital of Culture in 2019. Read more about the project

  • Dis(taste) 2017

    Dis(taste) 2017

    A collaborative project with Hannah Brackston commissioned by Water Works in Barrhead 2017. Water Works is a community garden on the site of a sewage works in Barrhead, which is also where the Shanks company began. In response to the reinvention of this derelict industrial site into a social, growing and wildlife hub for the local area; myself and Hannah worked with local people to investigate the sites history through the different ‘cycles’ which continue to take place there, such as the re-cycling of water, nutrients and land. Read more about the project

  • Soil City 2016

    Soil City 2016

    Soil City is a long term project initiated by Open Jar Collective, to reimagine the city as if soil matters. Launching at Glasgow International 2016, we undertook a period of field research to initiate a conversation about soil and find out what people’s interest in it was. This included a Soil City Lab open every day from the 8th – 25th April, a programme of walks, talks and events and Soil City bikes equipped with a bespoke testing kit, which roved round the city. Further activities have included a publication and workshops and an international residency. Read more about the project or visit the Soil City website.

  • Broth Mix 2014

    Broth Mix 2014

    Open Jar Collective project for the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art at the Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow 2014. Broth Mix was based on the concept started by myself and Leigh French at the Intermedia gallery (Broth Mix 2007), it was the temporary transformation of part of the Kinning Park Complex (KPC) into a space for conversations and action with both the local community, the wider creative community in Glasgow and the festival audience. More information about the project

  • Dairy House, 2013

    Dairy House, 2013

    The Open Jar Collective were commissioned by the Environmental Art Festival Scotland to do a small research project in Dumfries and Galloway and share it with the festival audience in September.

    Over the summer we interviewed people and documented places connected with dairy farming in Dumfries and Galloway, gathering an understanding of relationships, passions and perspectives on food. To share the results of our research we built a pop-up milk bar, which we will brought to the festival on Sunday 1st September. The bar toured Gatehouse of Fleet during the day and was part of the EAFS Gathering 3: The Land and Us at Cairnsmore of Fleet SNH Reserve in the evening. More information

  • Participatory Economics, 2013

    Participatory Economics, 2013

    For the month of February I was part of the Wochenklausur team invited to do a residency at the CCA as part of the Economy exhibition in the CCA and Stills, curated by Kirsten Lloyd and Angela Dimitrakaki.

    Members of the Wochenklausur core team had visited Glasgow last year to research possible partners and options for a project addressing the issue ‘participatory economics’. Drumchapel was chosen as it suffers from a high unemployment rate and it was agreed with local partner Drumchapel LIFE to try and work with local women to set up a women led co-operative addressing issues of health and diet. More information about the project

  • A Growing Exchange 2011-2013

    A Growing Exchange 2011-2013

    A Growing Exchange is an international exchange project between myself and artist and Annechien Meier (The Netherlands) exploring and connecting the cities of Glasgow and The Hague and their growing projects. More information


  • This for That, 2012

    This for That, 2012

    This for That, an exchange market was a commission for A Growing Exchange by the Hidden Gardens for the Harvest event at the Greyfriars garden in July. We worked with twelve Glasgow based organisations to create a non monetary based market for the day to exchange home-made and home grown produce.

  • Eating In Eating Out, 2012

    Eating In Eating Out, 2012

    A collaborative project with artist with Clem Sandison, Eating In Eating Out was was developed for the Streetland festival in Govanhill May 2012 and was followed up by an exhibition in the Govanhill Baths in September 2012. We worked with local people and businesses in exploring, mapping, sharing and tasting food in Govanhill. The project brought together the Hidden Garden’s Culture Kitchen project, led by Clem and the Glasgow Food Map, a project I have been developing ideas about for a while. More information

  • Growing Spaces, 2008/2012

    Growing Spaces, 2008/2012

    Working for Artlink Edinburgh at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital I have led on a project called Growing Spaces, along with Anne Elliot. The project aims to activate the hospital community’s interest in the grounds of the hospital, including an old orchard, working with staff, patients, visitors, local residents and community groups. More information

  • Govanhill Baths, 2008/2012

    Govanhill Baths, 2008/2012

    In a voluntary capacity I have worked with the Govanhill Baths Community Trust, developing creative projects around the history of the Govanhill Baths and the campaign to bring it back into use as a Wellbeing Centre for the whole community. More information

  • Streetland 2010/2012

    Streetland 2010/2012

    I helped to set up Streetland, An arts festival in Govanhill, Glasgow. Streetland aims to engage and inspire communities in a creative exploration of their streets and communal spaces. We developed a programme of events, exhibitions, performances and activities about community and the street, made with and for the diverse communities in Govanhill, in indoor and outdoor spaces in Westmoreland Street. More information

  • Garden Harvest, 2010

    Garden Harvest, 2010

    An event in the gardens of Albert Drive Studios, Glasgow to celebrate and share the fruits of the garden. I was resident in the garden of the studios for two months in the late summer and to share my experience of the space I invited people to join me for blackberry and apple pie, made with fruit from the garden. More information

  • A Fertile Ground, 2010

    A Fertile Ground, 2010

    A commission by Fife Contemporary Art and Craft as part of the HOTPOT [art, food and people] exhibition at St Andrew’s Museum.  A table was built in the space to be a platform for members of the public to come together to discuss local food issues and share a bowl of soup made from local produce. More information

  • Fasque Children’s Garden, 2009/10

    Fasque Children’s Garden, 2009/10

    A project with the Fasque Family Centre commissioned by the CCA. Working with children and staff of the nursery to design and create a garden for them to play, learn about plants and grow vegetables. More information

  • Broth Mix, Stone Soup, 2009

    Broth Mix, Stone Soup, 2009

    A second Broth Mix event in conjunction with The Radical Independent Book Fair at the Glasgow Social Centre.

  • Stone Soup, 2009

    Stone Soup, 2009

    Event at the CCA, Glasgow as part of This Land is Your Land. Based on a common folk tale, this event started with a stone boiling in a pot and a soup was created and served in the gallery consisting of what people brought in to add to it. More information

  • Faith Feast, 2008

    Faith Feast, 2008

    St Mungos Museum of Life and Art, Glasgow. Commissioned by the Gallery of Modern Art as part of their ShOUT programme for an event exploring faith and Sexuality led by Anthony Schrag. The table was set with edible gifts for participants to unwrap and share during the event, nourishing conversation and symbolic of breaking bread together.

  • Broth Mix, 2007

    Broth Mix, 2007

    A collaborative project with Leigh French in the Intermedia Gallery, CCA Glasgow. Broth Mix transformed the gallery into a free cafe and space for exchange, discussion and debate over six days from 16th to 21st October. 27 people cooked 34 soups from produce grown in Glasgow and donated to the cafe and baked 40 loaves of fresh bread for over 500 people. More information

  • Postcards to Madame Stanley, 2005

    Postcards to Madame Stanley, 2005

    Book work published by Trajectory Publications,based on a found set of postcards that once belong to a woman who was for at least part of her life known as Madame Stanley. She was born in Poland and lived in Glasgow where these discarded fragments of her history were found alongside details of her life. The author of the postcard and their writing has been erased and it is just the traces of the journey and the stains of being collected and held over time that remain.

  • Just a Little Forest or a Small Utopia, 2003

    Just a Little Forest or a Small Utopia, 2003

    Collaborative public art project with Stephanie Connelly. Temporary installations of recycled Christmas trees at various site in Glasgow followed by documentary images pasted up at these locations, January 2004

  • Bridging the GAPs, Garnethill Art Projects, 2001/02

    Bridging the GAPs, Garnethill Art Projects, 2001/02

    An event in Garnethill park by an organisation Bridging the Gaps that I was involved in setting up with graduates of the art school to encourage and develop involvement and collaboration between art students and the local community.

  • Traces and Remnants of a Human Touch, 2001

    Traces and Remnants of a Human Touch, 2001

    Degree show exhibition, Glasgow School of Art. Columns of crushed fruit and vegetable boxes and accompanying soundscape of the Blochairn fruit market.

  • Illuminated, 2001

    Illuminated, 2001

    Exhibition of images related to food and eating created in collaboration with Garnetbank primary school, Wing Hong Elderly Centre and San Jai project, Garnethill park, Glasgow